About apdb.ca

Apdb.ca is created by a small team of Torontonians with love. We have extensive experience in web design, data science, and system design from both industrial and research settings.

Why build apdb.ca?

Thanks to the city of Toronto's RentSafeTO program and open data initiative, the Apartment Building Evaluation dataset is available in the city of Toronto's open data portal. The dataset contains building evaluation scores which are determined based on how well various aspects of buildings are maintained. To make the dataset more accessible, more visible and more useful to those in need, our team created apdb.ca.

Combined with the RentSafeTO program's building registration data, apdb.ca not only helps apartment seekers learn how well each building is maintained, but also enables them to identify the most suitable buildings based on their unique needs in their preferred neighbourhoods. Apdb.ca is created to help Toronto residents, students, and newcomers to make informed decisions when they look for their next home.

What are the future plans for apdb.ca?

The possibility is endless. We plan to augment the Apartment Building Evaluation dataset with other valuable datasets from the city of Toronto's open data portal to make the city of Toronto's apartment data more comprehensive. We also hope to expand our dataset to other cities in the Greater Toronto Area, and to other Canadian cities as well.

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We would love to hear from you. Do you have any suggestions or feedback? What kind of information would you like to see? Don't hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]

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